I listen to podcasts for a week and here’s what I learned

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be a guest in a podcast.


Back then, Podcast is new to me. It’s a medium that I always ignore and have no interest.

Until I listen to the podcast episode where I guested in and enjoyed it. Not because I’m in the podcast but the idea of listening to something that I can learn.

From there, I started to listen to the podcast of my favorite virtual mentors (Chris Do, Jim Rohn, Dave Ramsey, Brian Tracy, etc.)

Here’s what I learned

theFutur Podcast Ep 035 — Running a Creative Business

40 hours a week is not enough. 40 hours a week is what you do at a desk job somewhere clocking in and clocking out.

— Chris Do

I know this for a long time. That’s why I get out of 9 to 5 job to work more than 60 hours per week. I know it’s not easy to run a business, I know I will not achieve success if the amount of work I do is only a few hours. But I have determination, I have persistence and I’m willing to sacrifice something to achieve my goals.

theFutur Podcast Ep 035 — Running a Creative Business

The Focus Sheet is you writing down what you’re suppose to get done that day

— Chris Do

On the same episode, Chris Do talked about the focus sheet. I already write an article about this. Here’s the link


theFutur Podcast Ep 039 — Grow your Business with Melinda Livsey

Everything is realistic and attainable as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

— Chris Do

This is one of my favorite episode of the theFutur podcast. Having a clear goal will help you create a great plan on how to achieve it. The amount of work that you put in will determine if you’re going to achieve those goals or not. Most people want everything but not willing to do certain sacrifice and willing to delay gratification.

theFutur Podcast Ep 027 — Staying Persistent Despite Catastrophic Failure

What if they say no? what if people say i’m not good enough? Well that’s only a setback. If you quit then that’s the outcome. That’s the conclusion.

— Chris Do

This is a strong episode. It’s about the willingness, persistence, determination, focus and the ability to turn the defeat and failure into a learning moment to pursue a creative life.

theFutur Podcast Ep 015 — Staff, Freelance or Entrepreneur?

Don’t be an information hoarder. Our industry moves forward by you sharing information.

— Chris Do

This episode really hits me hard. I love to share. I love the fact that when I learn things, someone can learn by sharing the things I learn.

theFutur Podcast Ep 015 — Staff, Freelance or Entrepreneur?

When you go and find a new job, make sure you ask the person interviewing you “can i involve in the business aspects of what you’re doing” — Ultimately that’s gonna make you morevaluable because you understand what’s really impacting the business.

— Chris Do

On the same episode, Chris Do talked about the things will make you more valuable — involvement in the business aspect of the company will play a big role in your value.

theFutur Podcast Ep 025 —The Importance of Mentor

I love helping people. I really do — I get into this place where received joy in helping people

— Chris Do

I can relate to this statement. Helping people is something that gives me joy. Seeing people you help grow is satisfaction. I love to share what I know and what I know might help other people achieve their goals.

theFutur Podcast Ep 025 — The Importance of Mentor

I do believe in energy and that if you put out positive energy, positive energy comes back to you. — If I do good for you, you do good for somebody else and 17 moves later maybe something totally different comes back to me.

— Chris Do

On the same episode, Chris Do share his point of view about giving to others. That is also what I’m experiencing for a long time. The more you give, the more you receive. It’s not working as when you give something, it will come back to you later that day or tomorrow, it’s something that will come back to you either for a long time or in an unexpected way.

I have so many episodes to write but I think these lessons are the one that’s memorable and highlighted to me. I will write what I learn from Jim Rohn podcast on the next post. I hope you’ll learn something too.

Here is the link of the futur podcast.


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