My method of accomplishing my todo list every day and stay focus

Every day, there is something that pulls me out from what I’m currently doing and everything looks important to me that need my full attention. Is it really that important?

Working from home is a challenging work environment. I’m distracted physically by Television, by my wife and my child.

I have a separate room for my home office but most of the time, I want to work beside them because I want to feel that I accompanied. At least I need someone to talk to if I want to clear my mind from the task.

How does my day usually look like?

My average wake up time is 10 AM.

After or during eating breakfast, I write a list of task that I need to do or I want to do that day.

I write it down in my journal or a piece of paper that I can bring everywhere I go.

The format I’m using is a TODO title with the current date on the right. Each of the tasks has a square checkbox with a small space on the left for the number.

The number represents the priority sequence of how important the task is.

If I found myself scattered and unfocus, I just look at my task list so I can keep track of my task and priority what is really important.

It’s not that important that I finish all the task in the list because it may not possible for the task to finish that day. So what I’m doing is move the unfinished task to the next day and make an effort to finish it and extend the time for the other task.

Chris Do call this “Focus Sheet”

I just call this “my task list”. Regardless, the goal is the same. Keep track and make me focus on the tasks needs to be done.

Don’t make a list you want to do the next day or the next year. Just write down what you need to do TODAY. Put an effort to finish at least 80% of it and move the unfinished task the next day.

And that’s my method to stay focus and finish my task every day.

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