New additional content for my website

New additional content for my website.

It now has a navigation bar for the user to easily navigate the one-page website. I also added a video iframe where I’m pitching on a Freelance Community.

My original plan for the UX is not to have proper navigation on the header and just put a link in every section so the user can see the section one at a time.

I got feedback from the visitors that they can’t see where to go next when they visit for the first time. there’s not enough button to interact.

So I decided to add the navigation where it’s on a fixed position so that even they scroll down, the user still sees it.

Also, I add the video iframe from youtube that I uploaded weeks ago. I think this is a good place to showcase my activities and appearances in meetups.

The additional content is also a mobile responsive.

I still have a long list of what I want to do on my website and implementing it one at a time will definitely a good approach.

What do you guys think? Please let me know your feedback

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