How deep focus helping me to get the job done

Deep focus really helps me to accomplish everything. The nature of coding. High frustration = High reward.

I have a task today about working on a custom UI in Google Flutter and its more of like high-level customization where I need to create it from scratch, literally.

I don’t know where to begin. I procrastinate for hours because I don’t know how the fuck I should start.

Until everyone is already sleeping and no one bothering me. (Oh, Hi Yuna!).

I tried to search the related steps on how to do the task. No music, no distraction or what so ever. Just read anything that comes up on the screen.

Then little by little, I’m having an interest in how to do the process. Until my state of mind is taking me “in the zone” where I can’t feel the time passing by.

In the end, I got it working. Yey! Super frustrating and yet, rewarding. There’s a feeling of, “Tangina tapos na ako, and it’s working as it should be!” HAHA

I deserve a tap to my back. Good job for today France. 😀

K. Bye.

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