I attended the UX+ Conference and here’s what I’ve learned.

All these years, my understanding of UX is that its a way of solving problems by using design. Design thinking.

I totally agree with what Paolo Malabuyo had explained. He said something like “Companies and organizations are doing UX before it was called UX and it exists way before then we know it.”

My skillset is not focusing on UX specifics like user research, usability and stuff but I am aware that UX is about human interaction to a product and how the user behaves to the experience either good or bad.

Most of my work is wrapped around coding the mockup and making it live and running. Although, I’m trying my best to implement the best UX practices that I know as much as possible.

Back to the conference, All the speakers are amazing. I enjoy listening in each of them and taking notes all the lessons I can absorb.

Here are my highlighted notes.

-Bad leadership is one major key why startup fail
-Backend architecture is more important than Frontend 
-UX is just a branch of a bigger picture
-Always be hungry to learn (personal growth, of course)
-Delight the customers/clients by delivering on time
-Delight is diminishing it’s value over time if the process is comfortable enough and repeating the same elements over and over.
-“If you’re a designer, you’re an optimist”
-You can sell UX by having authority and responsibility
-Builders and Planners are the ideal team members when starting something. 
-Be generalist. Builder is more important than planners. Just do it. Planners can plan whatever they want but if the plan is not executed, every plan is just like an essay writing
-Passion isn’t enough to solve the problem. Seek to understand the problem.

What I really enjoyed about the event is that when Eleanor Harding started to talk about the “Northstar”. I always believe that being a good storyteller is what makes someone valuable and interesting.

I’m so engaged with her talk that I forgot that I’m starving a little bit and not able to take a picture of her on stage. She’s really a good storyteller.

I enjoyed the event and I’m looking forward to next year’s conference!

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