What separates me from others?

My morning thoughts. So I was thinking about what separates me from the others?

While others are thinking about their breakfast, I’m writing my goals for the day.

While others are playing video games, I’m reading a book that is making me valuable.

While others wasting their time doing nothing, I’m hustling and working on my side projects that help my skills grow and learn new technics.

While others are hanging out with their friends, I’m working on my portfolio and social proof that will pay off when there’s a new client opportunity.

While others are contented with what they have, I never stop learning.

I’m not waiting for the good life to come to me. I’m attracting the good life so that it’s stays with me.

I’m living this quote from Chris Do

“Anything is realistic and attainable as long as you’re willing to put in the work.”

K. Bye.

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